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Level 2 BEE Contributor

The healthier the level of BEE certificate you have, the more BEE points you can claim. The Simunye Group is a new service provider with level 2 BEE compliancy under the new codes. These newly revised codes will be effective as of the 1st of May 2015.

Preferred Supplier

As a preferred supplier to the three main casino groups in SA , we would like to introduce “Simunye Group” (meaning “We are One”), an exciting addition to assist with your procurement needs for the future. In addition The Simunye Group is a valid Enterprise Development Beneficiary

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Are you struggling to find professional, black owned service providers for your organisation? Are you looking to improve your BEE scorecard? Let us help you with all your Procurement Points and Social Economic Development. Contact The Simunye Group for an obligation free assessment.


We have over 20 years of industry leading experience and believe that we are positioned to offer great service, top quality products and value for money. Our scope of services would encompass Landscaping (Interior & Exterior), Interior Design,  Space Planning and the supply of Corporate Furniture, and associated hygiene products.

The Simunye Group has employed the services of well-informed BEE consultants and lawyers to facilitate the organisational transformation. Historically the old codes favoured very few previously disadvantaged people. With our organisation, we strongly believe that our employees needed to be empowered. On this premise, The Simunye Group was founded as a 51% black owned business. Our staff are deeply invested in The Simunye Group through their own hard work and dedication.

We believe that as a smaller company, we can act quicker than a large corporate and therefore we will be ahead of the curve with the new BEE Legislation.

"Simunye Group meaning 'We are One' - an exciting addition to assist with your procurement needs for the future."

CEO, The Simunye Group

BEE Explained

The distinction between BBE and B-BBEE is merely, Black Economic Empowerment (BBE) and Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).

The BBE Act allows for the existence of the B-BBEE “Codes of Good Practice” therefore offering the configurations for the BBE Scorecard and evident rules associated with claiming your points.

By having a BBE Certificate, clients are entitled to BEE points on their BEE Scorecard by procuring from a BEE Procurement Supplier.

There are different level BEE certificates (from level 1 to level 8) reliant on the types of contributions you have made to support the incorporation of black people into the economy. The healthier the level of BEE Certificate you have, the more BEE points they can claim.

When customers are deciding which supplier to use they will look at price, quality, service and your BEE Score. Depending on how important BEE points are to your client, the more they will consider your BEE Score over the other 3 elements.

Revised BEE Codes:

The first BEE Codes were introduced in 2007 but following a review the South African Government revised the BEE Codes in October 2013. These Revised Codes are applicable from 1 May 2015.

The new BEE codes will replace the existing BEE codes of Good Practice, with the new codes comprising a combination of changes.

Although the new BEE Codes are “They are fairly similar to the existing codes, there are some weightings and names of some elements that have been altered. Instead of seven elements, there are now only five elements.

The Five Elements Are:

Ownership ▼

With the targets being 25%, and weighting at 25 points

Management Control ▼

The codes formerly involved two elements: management control and employment equity. Both elements have been combined into a single element, but with substantially the same indicators. Previously management control and employment equity were worth 29 points combined. The new combined element is only worth 19 points. Points are now the incentive to businesses becoming compliant. In dropping the points available and making the weightings more difficult, could rebound in that organisations may make less effort in this key action.

Skills Development ▼

Skills points have increased from 15 to 25 points, showing the significance of skills development in the economy. Some targets have increased: Target spend is now 6% of payroll, instead of 3%, but more points can be earned than before and this is a proactive adjustment.

Enterprise and Supplier Development ▼

The old codes are divided into two elements: Preferential Procurement and also Enterprise Development. The new element Enterprise and Supplier Development is a mere combination of both elements. Previously, the two were worth 35 points whereas in the new codes, it has been increased to 44 points. The motivation behind BEE compliance is that an organization will ask its suppliers for BEE certificates in order to earn points and therefore companies obtain certificates to please their clients. It is vital that businesses start the process of identifying black businesses who can supply significant values of goods and services as from a black industrialist’s point of view, this provides an immense opportunity to empower and develop his business.

Socio-Economic Development ▼

The last of the five elements is unchanged at 5 points.

Why your BEE rating could drop:

The points on all elements add up to 118 on 5 elements (previously 107 for all seven elements). As a result of the increased points available the minister has changed the points to levels table as follows.

1 > 100 > 100 135%
2 > 95 but <100 > 85 but <100 125%
3 > 90 but <95 > 75 but <85 110%
4 > 80 but <90 > 65 but <75 100%
5 > 75 but <80 > 55 but <65 80%
6 > 70 but <75 > 45 but <55 60%
7 > 55 but <70 > 40 but <45 50%
8 > 40 but <55 > 30 but <40 10%
9 > 40 > 30 0%

New Weighting For Measuring BBBEE Status:

(Amended Codes)
(Current Codes)
Ownership 25 20 + 3 bonus points
Management Control 15 + 4 bonus points Management control - 10 + 1 bonus point
Employment equity - 15 + 3 bonus points
Skills Development 20 + 5 bonus points Skills development - 15
New Enterprise and Supplier Development 40 + 4 bonus points Preferential procurement - 20
Enterprise development - 15
Socio-Economic Development 5 5
TOTAL 118 107

Psychologically organisations may feel disappointed when they see their current level 3 become a 4 or a 5.

The upcoming changes will considerably affect an organization’s existing BBBEE rating and may potentially result in an automatic downgrade of its BBBEE status. For example a firm with 65 points would have an “old” BBBEE level 4 rating but under the new codes, will drop to BBBEE level 7 rating.

There are 3 different sized entities within the BEE’s new code of practice, namely;

  1. EME (Exempted Micro Enterprises) – any business that turns over less than
    R 10 million is exempted from being measured against any BEE scorecard
  2. QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprises) – any business that turns over more than
    R 10 million but less than R 50 million qualify as a QSE
  3. GE (Generic Enterprises) – any business that turns over more than
    R 50 million per annum is measured against a generic BEE Scorecard

Simunye Group is an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) Level 2 BEE Procurement Supplier.

It is compulsory for EMEs to produce an affidavit declaring their qualification as an Exempted Micro Enterprise. EMEs can qualify, as Empowering Suppliers therefore all their clients are able to claim BEE Points by buying from them.

Under the Revised BEE Codes, businesses are directed to buy 15% of total Measured Procurement Spend from EMEs each year. Thus giving rise to the creation and growth of EMEs in South Africa.

How can Simunye Service Solutions benefit your organisation?

  • You earn up to 15 points on your scorecard
  • For every R 100 spent, you can claim  R 450
  • We are a valid supplier development beneficiary
  • Level 2 BEE Procurement Supplier
  • Level 2 BEE Socio Economic Development
  • 51% Black Owned Enterprise Development
  • Double benefits of one spend
  • Supply chain reducing contract costs
  • Enhanced recognition

Historically the old codes favoured very few previously disadvantaged people. With our organisation, we strongly believe that our employees needed to be empowered. On this premise, The Simunye Group was founded as a 51% black owned business. Our staff are deeply invested in The Simunye Group through their own hard work and dedication.

As a 125% BEE Socio Economic Development Supplier, Simunye believes that as a smaller company, we can act quicker than a large corporate and therefore we will be ahead of the curve when the new BEE legislation takes effect on the 1st of May 2015.

The Simunye Group is well versed in the strategic ammendments of the substantial difference between the old and new BEE codes. We are 100% compliant and are very excited about the new opportunities that exist with the revised code upon its effect.

As a client of Simunye Group, we will boost your own B-BBEE ratings and assist your business on 2 levels, through Procurement Contributions and Enterprise / Supplier Development Beneficiary.

This in itself is hugely thrilling and will impact positively on your business.

Simunye Facts

% Black Owned
% BEE Compliant
Years of Experience
pts One Spend, Double Benefit

Our Services

Corporate Fresh Flower Arrangements

Corporate Fresh Flower Arrangements

We offer a full range of hospitality and corporate fresh flower supply service. Delivered to your premises, with options for maintenance and care.

  • Reception Areas
  • Boardrooms
  • Office Spaces
  • Chill Areas
  • Canteens
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Interior & Exterior Landscaping

Interior & Exterior Landscaping

We offer full interior and exterior landscaping services including design, installation, maintenance and clean-ups.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Exterior Gardens
  • Office Plants
  • Silk Plants & Flowers
  • Pots
  • Irrigation
  • Drawings
  • Green Walls
  • Benches
  • Decking
  • Retaining Walls

Interior Design

Interior Design

We offer a full range of interior design and plantscaping services including but not limited to live plants, silk plants, cleaning & maintenance and design installation.

  • 3D
  • Hand Drawings
  • Plans

Corporate Furniture & Hygiene

Corporate Furniture & Hygiene

We offer a full and comprehensive range of hygiene services, office and corporate furniture to the pubic and private sector

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Space Planning & Work Flow
  • Installation and Project Management
  • Receptions
  • Boardrooms
  • Offices
  • Canteens
  • Chill Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality

The Benefits to Your Organisation

This equates to huge benefits to your organisation on 2 levels (see attached). Firstly, as a BEE level 2 contributor, you will have the procurement value of every R1 spent you would recover R 4.50 for your scorecard. This in itself is hugely exciting and will impact positively on your organisation. Furthermore, a double benefit for Tsogo Sun is the Enterprise and Supplier Development aspect. Should your organisation elect to create Simunye as one of your valid Enterprise / Supplier Development Beneficiary, you could earn a further 15 points on your score card.

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